Electric Mini Passenger Tuk Tuk

Name: Electric Mini Passenger Tricycle / Electric Rickshaw / Electric Passenger Tuk Tuk / Electric 3 wheel Tuk Tuk / 2 Seats Electric Passenger Tricycle

 Model: MT-A-QW-01

 Motor power: 60V 1000W BLDC

 Battery capacity: 60V 52Ah Gel SMF lead acid battery / 60V 50ah Li-ion battery

 Tyre size: 3.50-10 tubeless type

 Max speed: 32Km/h

 Display: LCD speedo meter with battery SOC indiction and turning signals

 Max mileage: 65Km(Gel battery) / over 80Km(L-ion battery) 

Max load: 2 passengers  + 1 driver  + 30Kg luggage (250Kg)

Vehicle size: 2200 L x 1100 W x 1635 H

Vehicle weight: 300Kg

Vehicle body: Welded carbon steel structures  with E coating

Brake: Combined disk brakes

Lighting: EEC certified headlight, front&rear indicators, brake light, reverse light and number plate light

Sunroof with fans, luggage rack, bumpers, spare wheel and tyre, multi-media system are available.

Land Elf Mini Passenger Tricycle Model QW01
Battery 60V 52Ah Gel battery or 60V50Ah li-ion battery
Motor 60V 1000 BLDC
Controller 60V 18tubes
Charger Matched auto-cut smart charger
Differential Medium duty type with combined disk brakes
Chassis/body Medium duty type, with superior durability
Wheel&tyre Aluminum alloy wheel with 3.50-10 tubeless tyre
Suspension F:Telescope shocker, R: Spring + damper
Wheel Base(mm) 1600
Steering Angle 50 degree
Max. Gradeability 12 degree
Maximum Speed 32Km/h
External dimension(LxWxH) 2200x1100x1635
G.W. with battery 300Kg(with gel battery) / 240Kg(with Li-ion battery)
Maximum Load(Kg) 3 persons incl. driver + 30Kg luggage
Maximum Mileage(Km) 65Km with Gel battery /80Km with li-ion battery, without load
Charging Time Abou 8 hrs(gel battery) / 4 hrs(li-ion battery)
FM Yes, standard
Sunroof Yes, Optional, with dual electric fans and light
Luggage Rack Yes, Optional, in aluminum alloy material
Front&Rear bumper Yes, Optional, in carbon steel material
Spare Wheel&tyre Yes, Optional, in aluminium alloy material
Application fields:
This vehicle offers very comfortable driving experience, can be wildly used for family purpose in short distance transportation, as well as last in mile connectivity on either public roads or in private and public premiese, perfact for sight seeing and public renting as well.