Electric Leisure Passenger Trike BD01

Name: Electric Leisure Passenger Tricycle / Passenger Tricycle /  Electric Passenger Tricycle / Electric Passenger Tuk Tuk / Electric 3 wheel Tuk Tuk / 2 Seats Electric Passenger Tricycle / Family Use Electric Trike / Electric Passenger Trike for Adults / Electric Passenger Trike for Seniors Model: MT-A-YY-BD01 Motor power: 60V 400W x 2 BLDC Controller: 60V 15 tubes x 2 Battery capacity: 60V 20Ah or 60V40Ah gel battery. Li-ion battery optional Tyre size: 3.00-10 tubeless type Max speed: 30Km/h Display: LCD speedo meter with battery SOC indication and turning signals Max mileage: 50Km(60V gel battery) / 100Km(60V Li-ion battery) Max load:  2 persons incl. one adult plus one children Vehicle size: 1900 x 800 x 1160 Vehicle weight: 118Kg Vehicle body: Welded carbon steel structures  with supreme E coating Brake: all disk brakes Lighting: LED head light, indicators and tail lamps

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